Is the supply chain digital sales will be developed only by competition between Amazon, Alibaba and Rakuten?

Paris, December 10, 2014.- Know how much dollars you can check e-commerce in just 24 hours last cybermonday?. During Cyber Monday Online sales (2014) last Reached 2,000 billion, the first time in history that figure is achieved in a single day, and excluding sales made via Mobile. Consumers via “desktop” spent 17% last year and during the weekend of developments in the total you spent 26% more than in 2013. For the first time Americans Have Spent more than 2, 000 billion online in a single day según an analysis by comScore.

Purchases made from non-portable terminals Have Contributed to the coffers of exactly 2,038 million Dollars distributors, 17% more than in 2013. Consumers spent 24% in the period of five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. The Honorary President of comScore, Gian Fulgoni, said that “ending the period of five days since Thanksgiving, with more than 2,000 billion in sales in the Cyber Monday, shows that the online holiday shopping season is going well and surpassing all expectations. A Spokesman for  comScore noted that  although the numbers of purchases made via Mobile in esta first report are not included. The company will publish the data as advanced the holiday season. The report revealing provides information on the great success of the Cyber week:

  • Between 1 November and 1 December sales rose 15%.
  • The Thanksgiving Increased sales 32%.
  • The Black Friday 26% more than last year turnover.
  • On Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving Were sales up 26%.

And when we talk online trading, among other digital stores, Amazon, Alibaba and Rakuten and their supply chains.

Competition click of a mouse

The portal recently published an analysis of supply chains Amazon and Alibaba. This is the result:

“The jury is still out as to how aggressively Alibaba can move into the US market, largely due to the fulfillment and customer satisfaction footholds held by Amazon and other e-retailers: such as Wayfair. This is not to mention the e-commerce channels of traditional brick-and-mortar companies: such as Macy’s and Walmart. The fact Is That Amazon can offer same-day delivery in the markets Where lives inventory distribution Within Their Own centers. Alibaba does not own any assets of Its Own LastMile for delivery or even fulfillment; They are an online virtual e-commerce platform tenders that orders, more like an eBay. The company will sell consignment inventory either provided by vendors, or goods will be shipped from a warehouse or vendor location. Essentially Alibaba’s role is to coordinate track-and-trace logistics, giving coordinate information for delivery, tendering the funders and clearing it-much like what Amazon does When They sell goods for a third party.
Much of Alibaba’s huge share of the market in China is Within Rural Communities, where they don ‘t have to deliver goods within a day or two. They’ll need to establish partnerships with carriers, affiliates and more infrastructure here in the US Perhaps esta IPO is a starting point for That, but without their own fulfillment centers or trucks. They give up the edge to Amazon, lowest for the past seven -8 years has-been aggressively building distribution centers in every state. Also Amazon has significant buying power and well developed national and international partnerships with parcel carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canadian and other Postal services) and With Local and regional carriers and 3PLs in MOST markets.
One major challenge pose posed by Amazon to Its New competitor in the US is based STI large install of prime users. Convincing an Amazon Prime member to switch to Alibaba will be Difficult unless the price point, or more importantly, the service is drastically better. And that will be hard to do-the return policy at Prime Amazon in the program is so generous and liberal, and for the return shipping cost también está free thanks to their relationships with UPS and FedEx. With so much volume, Amazon has-been reliable to secure distinct cost and price advantages for suppliers Both shipping, and the end consumer benefits.
This premium service Creates a strong customer experience and highly loyal members, a difficult combination for Alibaba to break through, especially Considering UPS and FedEx. That are not likely to give the same price breaks to Alibaba due to Their existing relationship with Amazon. Someone will have to pay-Either Alibaba shows a loss by paying the freight, or manufacturers have to pick up the cost. The most glaring difference between Alibaba and Amazon is the way in which Amazon is reliable to derive from participation ITS users. With such a well-articulated process of customer reviews and product reviews, Amazon can be highly targeted in ITS messaging to the end consumer. These sophisticated targeting and retargeting activities are hugely valuable in creating a personalized shopping experience. Amazon excels at multiple customer touch-points, from the point that you order to the point that you return an item, from showing you your browsing history to shopping offering a volume discount. Quickly Alibaba will need to visit customer engagement ITS Strategies as well as integrate ITS technology platform to replicate in Original core capabilities and share data granular with Its logistics partners. Additionally, for the millions of reviews and history populating Amazon’s sites is proprietary to Amazon-Alibaba can not compete with such vast quantities of user-generated information. That said with an impressive such backing in its IPO, Alibaba Could run for quite a while to play catch-up in areas in original “.

tiendas on line logos

Rakuten also seeks to Amazon

From highlight the history of past investments by Rakuten to compete against Amazon:

“Although Rakuten’s investments have been mostly in eCommerce, some of Its acquisitions which have veered outside of eCommerce Have Resulted in some industry experts Rakuten Comparing to Amazon. Since 2009, over 50% of all acquisitions have been within the eCommerce space, however it has-been pushing the firm into other areas. Acquisitions not Directly in the eCommerce industry taxonomy sub-industries include: such as Supply Chain & Logistics, Where Purchased Rakuten Alpha Direct Services, an eCommerce logistics business, in Q4’12. They Also acquired Webgistix, a cloud-based technology company fulfillment Which Also owns a network of fulfillment centers in the US, in Q2’13. These acquisitions Rakuten Gave the Ability to rival Amazon’s 2-day shipping service, Prime, while Rakuten’s acquisitions of (Q2’12) and the previously-Mentioned ViKi (Q3’13). Both Offering streaming digital video content companies Internationally, have been Compared to the Amazon Instant Video Amazon rebranded and service That Launched in 2011. The chart below shows the overall number of deals broken down by each sub-industry. All eCommerce sub-industries are Highlighted orange and those outside of the eCommerce domain (Primarily internet software & services companies) are blue. Of course, those that were not directly eCommerce largely revolved around commerce in some way. Rakuten’s acquisitions by geography have been diverse as the Japanese company Attempts to expand globally ITS empire. The nine eCommerce / Mobile Commerce acquisitions since 2009 have come across eight different country clubs, with two deals in the US (California-based and Washington-based PopShops). With acquisitions of, one of the largest eCommerce sites in Thailand,, a UK-based online retailer, and the Previously Mentioned PriceMinister, a French online marketplace, the proof is in the data that Rakuten has overall aspirations “.

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