Road freight transport: 80% in Europe

Paris, 17 Feb, 2015.- The statistics of the European Union are strong. In the last decade, a shift towards road freight transport has
been recorded, especially in newer EU Member States. The highest
in reases in the share of road freight transport were observed in
Estonia (23 percentage points), Poland (19), Slovakia (19),
Slovenia (12) and Bulgaria (12). In contrast, 11 EU Member
States presented a shift towards more environmentally friendly
transport modes, most notably Belgium and Austria. In 2012,
road transport made up over half of freight transport in all EU
Member States, except for Latvia, where railway transport
accounted for the largest share (64%). High shares of rail transport
were also recorded in Estonia (47%), Austria (41%), Sweden (40%)
and Lithuania (38%). Considerable shares of inland waterways
were recorded in the Netherlands (39%), Belgium (24%) and
Romania (23%).

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Augmented Reality in Logistics: Just an interesting test or reality soon?

Madrid, Feb 06, 2015.- Technological innovations in information systems for mobile devices are now coming faster to the Supply Chain. The picking is one of the critical logistics activities in a warehouse. Picking need to register 100% correct answers in the shortest time possible. Today we report an interesting test with augmented reality picking DHL for Ricoh. Documentation, video and graphics have been developed by DHL and we show that there is still room Supply Chain to innovate new methods, new information systems, new solutions to optimize.

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