Assimilate the SCM 4.0, before the new SCM 5.0 floods us

The debate on what will be the SCM 4.0 has been treated in the last three years with more studies, congresses, success stories, trends, etc. Surely each company has designed how to digitize its supply chain. For this reason, we highlight the reflections of a great expert and the possible SCM 4.0, seen by a great consultancy. Both materials are interesting to read and understand before we all start talking about SCM 5.0.

How to assimilate the fourth industrial revolution for my company?

The World Economic Forum has published a recent analysis that explains the consequences of the fourth industrial revolution (4.0). We have jumped from 2.0 to 4.0 in very few years. Technology is the engine that moves our society and we must assimilate it with total naturalness. Software takes on a very important role and its development helps to achieve the best challenges. According to the World Economic Forum although we have only seen the beginning, one thing is already clear: the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the greatest transformation human civilization has ever known. As far-reaching as the previous industrial revolutions were, they never set free such enormous transformative power. 

Analysis: What trends will be met in the transport of goods during 2018?

At the beginning of a new financial year, uncertainties with predictive studies, sectoral analysis, and advanced planning of the present and future are usually overcome. The transport of goods is very sensitive to all external and internal conditions that affect the supply chain.

Drones for the distribution of goods: From skepticism and disbelief, to real profits

Barcelona, July 16, 2017.- Managers of logistic employers, supply chain entrepreneurs, public and private authorities … have shown little convincing that dron is a reliable mode of transport for goods. They think that regulation will be very restrictive in cities and that it could only be profitable in certain rural regions. They also talk about …

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AndSoft, TMS / ERP manufacturers for #transport and #logistics, will have a stand at the #SIL2017 for its tenth consecutive year with a special emplacement

AndSoft, Company that develops the technological platform e-TMS for the management of transport and logistics companies, will have a stand at the A129 emplacement near the new main access of the SIL 2017 (Avenida Reina María Cristina). This will be the tenth consecutive participation for AndSoft at the “Salón Internacional de la Logística y la Manutención de Barcelona” (International Logistics and Manutention fair of Barcelona).