Gartner: Rankings of the 2017 #SupplyChain Top 25

USA, September 15, 2017.- The technology industry has one of Gartner’s main sources of serious and rigorous information. Today we bring here his famous Top 25 Supply Chain Ranking and the technological innovations that will be confirmed in the coming months.

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Autonomous Container Ship: Reducing costs and increasing safety

Barcelona, September 7, 2017.- Major builders of means of transport and large logistics brands investigate if it is possible that there may soon be trucks and autonomous ships. Both projects are burning stages to get closer to its commercialization. According to the promoters, in the case of container ships, logistical costs will be reduced and security will be gained in loading, unloading and shipping operations. The following analysis has been read in a serious and rigorous publication, Bloomberg Technology:

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What is the Exact Difference between 3PL and 4PL?

#Outsourcing should be a Strategic Decision, but not a Strategy

Madrid, August 18, 2017.- Managing change in a freight transport or logistics company requires professionals, talent and experience. We live in a time of remarkable uncertainties, unexpected changes in circumstances, urgent adaptations of systems solutions, and sometimes we lose sight of the basics of success. One of them is logistical outsourcing. We want to remember today the most outstanding advantages of outsourcing processes and systems in transport and logistics companies. An analysis performed by Logistics Bureau:

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Company #Transport and #Logistics: The keys to an efficient examination of your technology platform, #software or information technology

Barcelona, August 5, 2017. The month of August is the time of disconnection. However, at the same time is the time to analyze the business plan during the first semester and plan the following exercises. One of the variables to be monitored will be the logistics, the supply chain, the transportation of the goods and the user experience of the customer. To reflect on the supply chain it is very useful to read the most current trends. For example:

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I want to automate logistics processes: Will my employees know how to work with robots?

UK, July 23, 2017. – The arrival of robots in the supply chain has been a reality for years. Day by day, the automation of logistics processes with robots increases. Here we have talked about autonomous trucks, autonomous ships, drones for inventory in warehouses, etc. Today we reflect on the collaboration between professional logistic and robot. A very current example is the Amazon robots that help prepare the orders in the store.

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