The U.S. Postal Service will conduct a two-week test using big rigs supplied by autonomous trucking firm TuSimple

Barcelona, May 24, 2018. The American Postal Service is carrying out tests with autonomous trucks at a distance of 1,000 miles and for 15 days. The Wall Street Journal has published the results of these first tests that will revolutionize the short-term transport sector. Before we think about it. Are we prepared all the supply chain companies for this technological disruption ?. Will the autonomous trucks take a human chauffeur as a companion? Will productivity increase? Will the accident rate go down ?. How will be demanding the legislation for autonomous trucks ?. We are already needing the answers.

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The port of Baku cooperation with a coalition in the Dutch city of Venlo, one of the largest logistics and transport centers in Europe

Barcelona, May 7, 2019.-   As reported by the magazine Port Technology, the Port of Baku has announced it has begun a cooperation agreement with a coalition of leading companies in the Dutch city of Venlo, one of the biggest logistics and transport hubs in Europe.

According to a statement, the agreement will see a closer partnership with the state government of Limburg, The Netherlands, and firms such as Cabooter Group, SMART Logistics Centre, the Limburg Development & Investment Company, Greenport Venlo and KLG Europe.

The city of Venlo, near the German border, is home to many distribution centers which are used by many of the world’s biggest companies, including agribusiness, clothing, electronics and other industries.

Most of the cargo which arrives at Europe’s biggest ports, such as Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam is delivered to Venlo and distributed throughout the continent.

A brand new Port Technology technical paper looked at Transshipment Traffic and Gateway Volatility 

At the signing ceremony for the agreement, Taleh Ziyadov, general director of the Baku International Sea Trade Port, said: “Our cooperation, the foundation of which is being laid today, will be the result of attracting well-known companies from the Netherlands and Europe to the Port of Baku.

“It is gratifying that the Dutch companies in the logistics chain between Asia and Europe pay special attention to the new Port of Baku and seek to involve various services and production in our country.

Vincent Campfens, Business Consultant, the Port of Rotterdam: Being a smart port is much more than merely introducing awesome new technology into a port to make it safer, more efficient and more sustainable. It is also about looking further ahead in time, making strategic choices to ensure that the port still exists in the future, whilst responding to changes in climate, politics, technology, industries and cargo flows.One of our recent strategic choices is a targeted commitment to digital innovation. This will allow us to take optimal advantage of new technologies presented by digitisation: advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain transactions and hyper-precise data, to name a few.”

Documentation in:

Port Technology

Port Baku

More Information: E-TMS Maritime AndSoft

DSV to Buy Panalpina in $4.6 Billion European Logistics Deal

Barcelona, April 17, 2019.-DSV A/S agreed to acquire Swiss rival Panalpina Welttransport Holding AG in a deal worth $4.6 billion that will create one of the world’s largest cargo-handling and logistics companies.

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“There’s seamless information sharing, financial processing, and real-time monitoring that connects frontline customer interactions directly with production”

Barcelona, April 8, 2019.-   Author of this analysis published in Supply Chain Management Review: Michael Gravier is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Bryant University with a focus on logistics, supply chain management and strategy and international trade

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Smart Cities and urban logistics problems

Barcelona, March 19, 2019.- Alex Chatha, Research Director of Smart Buildings and Cities at ARC Advisory Group, and has published a detailed study on the evolution of logistics in future cities connected by the IOT, and autonomous cars. This article has been published in IIoT World and we highlight a summary for its interest to the IT Directives:

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Carrefour: Case of Success in the implementation of Blockchain technology

Barcelona, March 6, 2019.- The magazine Supply Chain Digital has explained the benefits of Blockchain technology at Carrefour. Undoubtedly, an interesting success case to know the operation and the advantages of this emerging technology. For example, in improved traceability, use of QR codes and data verification in a matter of minutes. Next, we publish a summary of the report of Supply Chain Digital:

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