We talk about business intelligence in IoT?

Barcelona, November 6, 2018.- Dresner Advisory Services has made public: 2018 IoT Intelligence® Market Study (in its 4th year of publication). Each company in the supply chain will have a vision about business intelligence in IoT. Next we highlight (thanks to Forbes) some reflections on this study that may be valid for any type of company.

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The digital transformation of your company will be completed with the 5G mobile network

Barcelona, March 13, 2018.- The first companies that implement the 5G mobile network will have great competitive advantages. The development and commercialization of 5G is planned between 2020-2030. The telephone operators of each country have to make a huge investment to make possible the mobile network that will support the Internet of Things. And the 5G will first reach the big cities. Your arrival in rural areas will be slower. However, information systems for freight carriers and logistics operators should be very aware of the development of 5G. In the next lines we explain the reasons.

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Silicon Valley turns logistics industry as a new disruptive

USA, May 24, 2017.- Fortune magazine has published an interesting analysis on logistics, software and Silicon Valley. Forward new conceptions, new technological trends to take into account in the coming months, not years. Software innovations have a new measure of time: months. If you get lost, the train is gone. We invite you to read the reflection of Fortune:

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