Gartner: IT RoadMap for #Cibersecurity

Barcelona, January 4, 2021.- A world in full digital transformation of companies and homes needs competitive, demanding and efficient cybersecurity protocols. The Gartner Technology Consultant certifies this with this analysis and the following keys: “Faced with a range of obstacles, from slowing budget growth to dissatisfied boards, business and security leaders are being challenged to change the way they approach cybersecurity and risk.For decades an imaginary line has separated cybersecurity from “the business”. Most board members and senior executives were not well versed in cybersecurity, nor understood the impact it had on the business, meanwhile many security leaders approached security as a purely technical challenge dictated by technology and regulation. However, following years of near-limitless budgets and unsatisfactory results, the time has come for both security and business leaders to recognize that they have been asking the wrong questions and taking the wrong approach”.

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How to #disinfect your #warehouse to prevent the spread of Coronavirus #Covid19?

Barcelona, August 31, 2020.-

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Venture Beat: “Engineers are the perfect tech CEOs”

Barcelona, September 4, 2019.- Below we summarize an analysis of the Venture Beat publication about the role of CEO and developers, due to disruptive changes in technology.   

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The U.S. Postal Service will conduct a two-week test using big rigs supplied by autonomous trucking firm TuSimple

Barcelona, May 24, 2018. The American Postal Service is carrying out tests with autonomous trucks at a distance of 1,000 miles and for 15 days. The Wall Street Journal has published the results of these first tests that will revolutionize the short-term transport sector. Before we think about it. Are we prepared all the supply chain companies for this technological disruption ?. Will the autonomous trucks take a human chauffeur as a companion? Will productivity increase? Will the accident rate go down ?. How will be demanding the legislation for autonomous trucks ?. We are already needing the answers.

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