Can you imagine a truck of goods supplied with electric power? Tesla and Mercedes say yes

USA/Munich, August 12, 2016.-  The market for electrical and hybrid cars is still a growing trend, but slow. However, the manufacturers of electric cars, (and autonomous), have also been fixed in the overland transportation of goods. Tesla and Mercedes, time, taking the lead with the first prototypes.

Mercedes-Benz outlined plans to start selling an electric heavy-duty truck in about five years, a week after Tesla Motors’ initial sketch on battery-powered commercial vehicles failed to impress inventos. The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck will have a range of about 200 kilometers (120 miles) per battery charge and capacity for loads of as much as 26 metric tons, parent company Daimler said today in a statement. The model, targeted for inner-city tasks such as supermarket deliveries, could go on sale by the start of the next decade, it said.


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AndSoft en SIL

Video about technological innovations AndSoft 2016 for transportation and logistics

Exclusive novelties by AndSoft for SIL 2016

Exclusive novelties by AndSoft for SIL 2016

Barcelona, May 12, 2016.-

  • New slots management solutions for loading and unloading, for Shippers and Transportation and Logistic Operators.
  • New tool to forecast possible deviations or possible delays in the agreed delivery times. Control of the “Estimated Time of Arrival” (ETA).
  • New system to forecast the demand of vehicles for collaborators and certify their availability.
  • New module to send invoices directly to the tax Agency SII.

Exclusive novelties by AndSoft for SIL 2016

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How to send an 'E mail' - Database - 1984

From prehistory Internet in 1984, sending a simple email required these processes

Road freight transport: 80% in Europe

Paris, 17 Feb, 2015.- The statistics of the European Union are strong. In the last decade, a shift towards road freight transport has
been recorded, especially in newer EU Member States. The highest
in reases in the share of road freight transport were observed in
Estonia (23 percentage points), Poland (19), Slovakia (19),
Slovenia (12) and Bulgaria (12). In contrast, 11 EU Member
States presented a shift towards more environmentally friendly
transport modes, most notably Belgium and Austria. In 2012,
road transport made up over half of freight transport in all EU
Member States, except for Latvia, where railway transport
accounted for the largest share (64%). High shares of rail transport
were also recorded in Estonia (47%), Austria (41%), Sweden (40%)
and Lithuania (38%). Considerable shares of inland waterways
were recorded in the Netherlands (39%), Belgium (24%) and
Romania (23%).

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AndSoft implements APP SmartPOD to the “SmarTrack” technology the for the Logistics Operator Victransa

AndSoft implements APP SmartPOD to the “SmarTrack” technology the for the Logistics Operator Victransa

Paris, Jan 11, 2015.- The number of SmartPhones in the world is now larger than the number of people (7.000 million people), according to a study done by Ericsson. Logistics Operator are more aware of this reality and they need to inform their clients and communicate with them through these mobile devices. Faced with this reality, AndSoft developed two years ago the “SmarTrack” solution. This system enables the drivers, be they own drivers or subcontracted, to check pickups and deliveries, declare incidents, capture signatures or use any formula that can be configured in a global or specific manner for the client. This is applicable to any form of transport.

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