UN recognises eTIR as key to combat COVID-19 impacts

Barcelona, July 7, 2020.- Six UN agencies  have issued a joint statement calling on governments to provide smooth transit and transport for landlocked developing countries (LLDCs), highlighting eTIR as one of the key solutions to support these countries and their trading partners. 

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Notes to innovate a proactive strategy in the warehouse

Barcelona, June 25, 2020.- Supply chains are adapting to the Post Covid era19. To an unprecedented situation in which for 3 months the supply and demand of the world market has been paralyzed. Now he begins to wake up in the midst of great uncertainty every minute. Logistics and transportation professionals work Monday through Sunday to design new strategies. And information management will be essential in any solution. A data management that has one of its main protagonists in the warehouse. We have read in Warehousing logistics international the following analysis that will surely be very useful to you.

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Do you already think about automating processes in your company?

Barcelona, June 16, 2020.- The prestigious PWC Consultant has published a study on Process Automation in companies. Below, we have made a summary with the most practical conclusions for management software professionals, applied to transportation and logistics companies.

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IRU: The future of distance learning in road transport

Barcelona, May 27, 2020.- IRU is the world’s road transport organisation. We represent the entire industry – bus, coach, truck and taxi, and drive the sustainable mobility of people and goods across the planet. This organization has just published some interviews on online training in ground transportation. Recycling of supply chain professionals is vital in today’s economic uncertainty. For this reason, we publish this IRU report.

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Galileo Green Lane- easing pressure at the EU´s internal borders

Barcelona, May 14, 2020.- The European GNSS Agency (GSA) in collaboration with the European Commission has developed a mobile solution, the “Galileo Green Lane” APP, to facilitate the free movement of freight, reduce waiting times at EU borders, and prioritize essential goods during the current COVID-19 pandemic response.

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Post Covid-19: Ways to improve supply chain efficiency

Barcelona, April 22, 2020.- Today we are all managers of uncertainties. Some experts even point out that the Crisis Manuals must be thrown in the trash, because we will be in crisis every day. These may be some characteristics of the new era that is coming soon. The best way to combat insecurities is with quality information and the help of specialized companies. Below is an analysis by Eamon Francis is the Managing Director at Delta Impact, published in the Supply Chain Management Review.

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Global pandemic Covid-19: How to minimize the logistical impact on the supply chain

Barcelona, April 7, 2020.- The CIPS, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, is a center for training, study and publication of knowledge applied to procurement and supply. The day after victory over the Coronavirus Covid-19 will leave us with a different global supply chain, with substantial changes to its resources, processes, and information systems. Here CIPS has analyzed some recommendations to reduce the logistical impact of the global pandemic. We hope it will be useful for your transport or logistics company.

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