IRU: #COVID-19 border restrictions: lessons to learn

Barcelona, October 7, 2020.- The IRU has highlighted the situation of the borders for the transport of goods, as a consequence of the quarantines between different countries. That is to say, with the pandemic still at its peak in some parts of the world, and with fears of a second wave in others, unilateral border restrictions are still being put in place by countries, often with dramatic effects on goods transport and the essential workers and drivers who steer our products across international borders.

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#Covid19: Estimated 18% average decline in annual turnover for goods transported by road

Barcelona, September 24, 2020.- The global pandemic of the Coronavirus Covid19 remains, increases its expansion in many countries and does not have a near end. Its economic consequences are unprecedented in the last 100 years. However, we have to learn to live with this situation and conjuncture. The transport and logistics sector is one of the most important to keep us alive. The Freight News South Africa’s publication has highlighted some keys to the proper functioning of the global supply chain:

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How to #disinfect your #warehouse to prevent the spread of Coronavirus #Covid19?

Barcelona, August 31, 2020.-

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Notes to innovate a proactive strategy in the warehouse

Barcelona, June 25, 2020.- Supply chains are adapting to the Post Covid era19. To an unprecedented situation in which for 3 months the supply and demand of the world market has been paralyzed. Now he begins to wake up in the midst of great uncertainty every minute. Logistics and transportation professionals work Monday through Sunday to design new strategies. And information management will be essential in any solution. A data management that has one of its main protagonists in the warehouse. We have read in Warehousing logistics international the following analysis that will surely be very useful to you.

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