Success Story: Drones to distribute fresh food in Australia

Barcelona, March 8, 2022.- Perhaps the drone is only a mode of transport for very specific goods. Perhaps it is a distribution that has not yet become widespread in large cities. However, in rural or sparsely populated areas, in very specific projects it is proving useful and advantageous for the supply chain. Here is a new success story through the Australian company Wing:

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“Logistics companies must leverage technological tools and incorporate them as much as possible into their core systems”

Barcelona, February 7, 2022.-

Fully Automated Warehouse

Barcelona, January 25, 2022.- The Warehouse of the future is a concept that has been extensively studied by logistics professionals. The Witron company has designed its proposal for the warehouse of tomorrow, fully automated without operators:

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World’s First “Driver Out” Fully Autonomous Semi-Truck Operating on Open Public Roads

Barcelona, January 4, 2021.-