AndSoft receives the award for global management leadership for transportation from La Razón newspaper

Barcelona, ​​november 2, 2021.- AndSoft, a European company manufacturer of software for transport and logistics, received the Award for global management leadership for transport during the ceremony of the V Awards of Technology and Innovation of the newspaper La Razón, this past October 27 at the Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower.

Stephane Berteil, CEO of AndSoft, Julio Borrell, COO of AndSoft and Víctor Vilas, Business Development Manager of AndSoft, attended this event that brought together the leading companies in technological innovation of 2021. During his acceptance speech, Stephane Berteil thanked the awards for this Award and highlighted, today’s relevance, of technological advances in information management for transport and logistics companies, especially in the past years marked by the global Covid19 pandemic.

The event was chaired by Carlos Izquierdo, Regional Minister of Local Administration and Digitization of the Community of Madrid, who underlined:

“Betting on digital transformation is betting on growth, competitiveness and employment. We do not have to be afraid of change, nor of the digital revolution, which is already here and is so present, because if you look at history, you see that every time there has been a revolution, society has improved. ” La Razón newspaper explained the fundamentals of these annual awards: “The world has been plunged for two decades in an unprecedented digitization process that has accelerated in the last two years, after the arrival of the pandemic. Video calls, process optimization, cloud storage, etc. These and many other tools have improved the lives of millions of people and facilitated the development of the economy. And behind them are companies that, one day, decided to take risks for their product. To recognize the work of these entrepreneurs, La Razón presented the V Technology Awards, in which 26 leading Spanish and international companies have been awarded ”.

Other AndSoft Innovation Awards

The Barcelona International Logistics Show awarded the SIL 2019 Award for the best Logistics Innovation to AndSoft, together with TransFollow, for the eCMR solution, digital consignment note. Specifically, due to the electronic CMR solution fully integrated into the AndSoft e-TMS technological platform, showing the automatic generation of e-CMRs from said systems is a European first. Sending to your TrackAPP ​​mobility tool as well as digital reading (QR Codes) of the signatures of the carrier and the recipient of the cargo. On the other hand, AndSoft at the SITL Fair in Paris has been selected amongst the best technological innovations in the years 2012 and 2013.

Photograph of Stephane Berteil during his acceptance speech.

Photograph of Víctor Vilas, AndSoft Business Development Manager, Stephane Berteil, AndSoft CEO, Julio Borrell, AndSoft COO during the 5th La Razón Technology and Innovation Awards Gala.

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