Resilience in the medical supply chain

Barcelona, November 7, 2022.- The magazine Supply Chain Management Review has published an analysis on the advantages of adopting resilience strategies in the supply chain of medical providers. The result is as follows:

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Post Covid-19: Ways to improve supply chain efficiency

Barcelona, April 22, 2020.- Today we are all managers of uncertainties. Some experts even point out that the Crisis Manuals must be thrown in the trash, because we will be in crisis every day. These may be some characteristics of the new era that is coming soon. The best way to combat insecurities is with quality information and the help of specialized companies. Below is an analysis by Eamon Francis is the Managing Director at Delta Impact, published in the Supply Chain Management Review.

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The supply chain software is changing for the integration of AI, IoT, Blockchain, ML, etc.

Barcelona, October 3, 2019.-  AndSoft selects the best experts and experts in Software applied to the Supply Chain. Specifically, to the TMS for transport and logistics. Today’s analysis confirms that the developers’ work in assuming new technologies, such as the Blockchain, for transport. We recommend a careful reading of the details in the market opinions.

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Gartner 2018: Supply Chain Top 25 which identifies industry “best practices”

Interesting by:

  • What is the main business trend in the logistics industry.
  • Which manufacturers have made the best supply chain.
  • Which economic sectors do the best logistical practices.
  • Compare the Ranking of Gartner Top 25 Logistics with previous years.

Barcelona, May 25, 2018.- The logistics industry has long-awaited annual appointments in the calendar. One of them is the Gartner Report on the first 25 companies with best logistics practices. It is about knowing the innovations that will mark the dynamics of the logistics sector. For example, in 2018 the reference is the digitization of the supply chain. The annual ranking of Gartner has in 2018 the following winners.

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