How can iOT help supply chain management?

Barcelona, September 6, 2022.- The Internet of Things (iOT) is another technology to be watched by transport and logistics professionals. Supply Chain Digital magazine explains it with these arguments:

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Assimilate the SCM 4.0, before the new SCM 5.0 floods us

Barcelona, September 17, 2019.- The debate on what will be the SCM 4.0 has been treated in the last three years with more studies, congresses, success stories, trends, etc. Surely each company has designed how to digitize its supply chain. For this reason, we highlight the reflections of a great expert and the possible SCM 4.0, seen by a great consultancy. Both materials are interesting to read and understand before we all start talking about SCM 5.0.

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Understanding and business decisions from the growing volume of data, key in the food industry

Barcelona, August 20, 2019.- The food supply chain is one of the first to innovate tracking processes, from origin to destination. It is a very sensitive industry in the manufacture of products, packaging, transport and distribution. Any failure can become food poisoning with tragic endings. For this reason, we have read an expert in this food industry and he tells us that one of the keys is to know how to process the large volume of data and make business decisions with them. The analysis was written by Harry Menear in the Supply Chain Digital magazine.

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Carrefour: Case of Success in the implementation of Blockchain technology

Barcelona, March 6, 2019.- The magazine Supply Chain Digital has explained the benefits of Blockchain technology at Carrefour. Undoubtedly, an interesting success case to know the operation and the advantages of this emerging technology. For example, in improved traceability, use of QR codes and data verification in a matter of minutes. Next, we publish a summary of the report of Supply Chain Digital:

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