Gartner: Top strategic technology trends for 2020 (1st part)

Barcelona, January 8, 2019.- Gartner Technology Consultant is a source of information, recommendations, trends and resources that should always be taken into account by an information technology professional. AndSoft traditionally uses Gartner to learn: “Top strategic technology trends for 2020”. This is a 52 page document that we have summarized in 8 pages for two articles. In any case, we provide the web link to be able to print the entire document. In this first part, Gartner tells us about: Hyperautomation, Multiexperience, Democratization, Human Augmentation, Transparency and Traceability.

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Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2019 while world freight transport slows down

Barcelona, December 5, 2018.-   Gartner highlights the following trends for 2019: Blockchain, artificial intelligence, empowered edge, privacy and ethics, quantum computing, immersive experiences, augmented analytics, autonomous things and digital twins drive the Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019. However, while the Technological advances run at great speed, in 2018 the world freight transport has grown half that in 2017. Let’s see first this video of Gartner advancing 2019:

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Gartner 2018: Supply Chain Top 25 which identifies industry “best practices”

Interesting by:

  • What is the main business trend in the logistics industry.
  • Which manufacturers have made the best supply chain.
  • Which economic sectors do the best logistical practices.
  • Compare the Ranking of Gartner Top 25 Logistics with previous years.

Barcelona, May 25, 2018.- The logistics industry has long-awaited annual appointments in the calendar. One of them is the Gartner Report on the first 25 companies with best logistics practices. It is about knowing the innovations that will mark the dynamics of the logistics sector. For example, in 2018 the reference is the digitization of the supply chain. The annual ranking of Gartner has in 2018 the following winners.

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Cost-optimization and self-sufficiency are key priorities for CIOs

Barcelona, December 11, 2017.- Investment in information systems for the management of transport and logistics companies is part of the large macroeconomic figures around the world. The economies are interconnected, even more so in the management of goods. For these reasons, we have been interested in the conclusions of the following report prepared by Gartner. A Consultant to take into account the evolution of information technologies.

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Gartner: Rankings of the 2017 #SupplyChain Top 25

USA, September 15, 2017.- The technology industry has one of Gartner’s main sources of serious and rigorous information. Today we bring here his famous Top 25 Supply Chain Ranking and the technological innovations that will be confirmed in the coming months.

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The red lines that mark the digital transformation for all of us

Barcelona, 20 June 2016.- Sixteen years after the birth the twenty-first century we live still in a period of transition. Traditional modes of production, distribution, consumption, communications to a new digital age with no history. For these reasons, prediction studies are consulted to try to get ahead of the next trend. And in this, Gartner is a clear reference to consider. The following is a summary published by IoT Central on technologies applied to so-called “Internet of Things”:

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Gartner helps to understand the benefits of TMS solutions

Barcelona, 6 May 2015.-  The prestigious technology research firm juncture, Gartner has published a recent analysis of the TMS market. The following is his definition of TMS, main features, benefits and returns to a carrier or a logistics operator. We recommend a thorough reading of this report, whose precise reading of facilitating a series of contact. We would like your assessment and review, if fully agrees with the view of Gartner or the market, company by company, draw another picture. We invite you to give us your opinion at the end of the article in this blog, or our twitter:@softlogistico. Thank you.

AndSoft en #SIL2013 SIL Barcelona

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