Asia and the Pacific countries have made great efforts to maintain their ports operational while protecting transport and port workers

Barcelona, November 8, 2020.- The maritime transport of goods must recover the previous traffic and routes of the stoppage of world supply and demand during last spring. And to check if the current uncertainty translates into a new global confinement of consumers at home in the coming weeks until the arrival of an efficient vaccine in 2021. Meanwhile, we are advancing an analysis of what has happened in maritime transport in Asia and in the Pacific, carried out by various transnational organizations.

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UPS, FedEx,DHL have a new competitor: Amazon?

Amazon poseed to take on UPS, FedEx in delivery business

Barcelona, January 14, 2016.- Amazon intends to buy the remaining 75% of French delivery company Colis Privé. Amazon started as an online bookstore and today can become a logistics operator that competes with UPS, FedEx or DHL. Global technology giants are interested in logistics. What changes will these new logistics competitors ?. The end customer is the main beneficiary with a time of ever shorter delivery ?. What will the reaction of traditional logistics operators ?. Regarding this news release then a magnificent story published by The Seattle Times on 11 January:

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