Success Story: Drones to distribute fresh food in Australia

Barcelona, March 8, 2022.- Perhaps the drone is only a mode of transport for very specific goods. Perhaps it is a distribution that has not yet become widespread in large cities. However, in rural or sparsely populated areas, in very specific projects it is proving useful and advantageous for the supply chain. Here is a new success story through the Australian company Wing:

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What will be the role of freight transport in smart cities?

Barcelona, August 3, 2021.- Freight transport, in any of its modalities will be essential in the success of the next smart cities, connected to the Internet of Things, via fiber optic or satellite (5G and 6G). For now, let’s learn about the main characteristics of smart cities to discover the investments that freight transport will have to make to adapt to the urgent digital transformation.

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Smart Cities and urban logistics problems

Barcelona, March 19, 2019.- Alex Chatha, Research Director of Smart Buildings and Cities at ARC Advisory Group, and has published a detailed study on the evolution of logistics in future cities connected by the IOT, and autonomous cars. This article has been published in IIoT World and we highlight a summary for its interest to the IT Directives:

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