Predictions of technological innovations that will mature and converge to support greater resilience of the supply chain

Barcelona, Dec 4, 2019.- Supply chains already look at the technological trends that will be imposed in 2020. Apart from the uncertainties, from Supply Chain Digital, they advance in which variables we have to focus on the next exercise:

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Venture Beat: “Engineers are the perfect tech CEOs”

Barcelona, September 4, 2019.- Below we summarize an analysis of the Venture Beat publication about the role of CEO and developers, due to disruptive changes in technology.   

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How to assimilate the fourth industrial revolution for my company?

Barcelona, June 22, 2018.- The World Economic Forum has published a recent analysis that explains the consequences of the fourth industrial revolution (4.0). We have jumped from 2.0 to 4.0 in very few years. Technology is the engine that moves our society and we must assimilate it with total naturalness. Software takes on a very important role and its development helps to achieve the best challenges. According to the World Economic Forum although we have only seen the beginning, one thing is already clear: the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the greatest transformation human civilization has ever known. As far-reaching as the previous industrial revolutions were, they never set free such enormous transformative power. 

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Keys to implement an ERP with technological trends

Paris, 16 mar, 2015.- The prestigious Inbound Logistics magazine recently published a report on the keys to consider to implement an ERP (Transportation and Logistics). We would like your opinión:

1. Understand your current system’s shortcomings. Analyze why you need to change the current system. Is the software outdated? Does it lack the features you require to enhance on-time performance and throughput? Define the shortcomings in relation to your business practices to create a wishlist for the new system.

2. Start in the boardroom. Secure executive-level sponsorship to mitigate risk and ensure your goals for the new ERP system align with larger corporate goals. This applies to the initial key performance indicators, and the corresponding mapped plan for improving the manufacturing process—from the inbound processing of supplies to inventory management and the movement of goods through the internal system and on to the customer.

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