Strategy for the total Internet connection to products and services of all economic sectors

Barcelona, January 24, 2019.- IoT, Internet of Things, is a concept that falls short of the tsunami of the digital revolution in which we live. The internet connection, either by cable or by mobile (5G), will be a standard as the power button on any appliance. And, of course, this reality will affect the supply chain, the way of understanding the new urban mobility, the new last mile, the new reverse logistics. Next, we have selected the latest diagnoses in this month of January, to contribute to the reflection of the professionals who manage the information systems in the transport and logistics companies.

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The TMS: The heart of transport in the logistics world

Author: Víctor Vilas, Director of Business Development, @victorvilasmatz

Barcelona, April 20, 2015.-  Each day the added requirements in logistics means that the actors of the chain need to be more competitive not only in their prices but also in precision, shared control and quality in the final delivery. As manufacturers of TMS’s (Transportation Management Systems) we detected a long time ago that the differentiating values that our system required in the past century are just the minimum requisites in any self-respecting competitive system. New formulas of control, of cost savings, of visibility for the client and for the recipient, multifaceted elements of analysis (as required by the present tendency of work with Big Data) are to be considered. These are the formulas that the main manufacturers in Europe are developing so that our clients can always bring the best technology to their clients and them to their recipients. 

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