Uncertainties in the #SupplyChain industry are less with trend analysis

Germany, February 21, 2017. The best way to deal with the uncertainties of an economic year is to read the reports and analysis of sector trends. This is what All Things Supply Chain has done that has published its particular vision on Supply Chain and Logistics Trends in 2017:

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The executives of #transport and #logistics companies in 2017 will face these key business

Barcelona, December 15, 2016.-  The Industryweek portal has published an interesting list of market trends that will be faced by logistics and transport managers. You can agree or not with this, but undoubtedly is a constructive analysis for the uncertainties of 2017.

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Video about technological innovations AndSoft 2016 for transportation and logistics

AndSoft en SIL

EU towards the digital single market strategy

Barcelona, December 7, 2015.-  Ecommerce Europe proposes policy and market solutions to stimulate consumers’ trust in cross-border e-commerce. The European e-commerce association wants to ensure that the upcoming legal framework for consumer policies will be fit for the future challenges of this very dynamic sector. In its newly published position paper, Ecommerce Europe reflects on existing legislation and on the new draft proposals announced in the Digital Single Market Strategy of the European Commission. Most importantly, the association asks for full harmonization of rules and support for industry initiatives.

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