AndSoft Case Study: WALLENBORN

Paris, July 29, 2014.- AndSoft Case Study: Wallenborn. Headquarters: Munsbach (Luxembourg). International transport (air cargo). Over 550 tractors


  • Transportation Management Software e-TMS © by AndSoft.
  • 220 users in 10 countries, with offices in London, Oslo, Billund, Copenhavn, Frankfurt, Munich, Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam
  • Login  e-TMS © by AndSoft with 24 airlines including American Airlines, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, Swissport Cargo, China Southern Airlines.
  • Standard interfaces import-export T1 (NTSC). EU standard: European Network for making all kinds of statements transport imports and exports. Once this system is suitable for the whole of Europe, the declaration will be replaced by an electronic statement
  • Monitoring of goods with high added value in the 550 vehicles: the end user can know in real time where their shipments are via GPS systems with updates made every 3 minutes.
  • Portal Advanced Track & Trace: Creating orders via Internet, electronic invoice, CMR, report generator, EDI interface AWB, BL, bills of lading and closely monitor the path of the packet with the GPS location .
  • Team: A project manager, three consultants and three developers.
  • Duration: 8 months



AndSoft, company expert at European level full web and collaborative software for transport companies and logistics solutions both installed “in company” as in solution “cloud computing” platform has implemented its e-TMS© by AndSoft Wallenborn operator in Luxembourg.

Victor Vilas, Business Development Manager Europe AndSoft, emphasized the importance of this project: “We have offered solutions and integrations with very strict standards. Moreover, the interface with 24 carriers from many countries was a challenge that we finally got. The data has been performed throughout the development for 240 users 4 companies in 8 countries, is only available to a provider with a multinational presence, as in our case. “Wallenborn Transport SA is a leading European operator of air cargo transport and related services headquartered in Luxembourg.

Meanwhile, Julio Borrell, Chief Operating Officer at AndSoft, has detailed the specific developments implanted Wallenborn: “This is an innovative solution in Cloud Comptuing mode where they have respected the deadlines of the project agreed initially and tight (5 months) thanks to the efforts of the implementation team and their commitment to Wallenborn Standard AndSoft Collaborative Software “. Specifically:

Connecting e-TMS© by AndSoft with most air cargo carriers, including American Airlines, Iberia, Lufthansa, Delta airlines, China Southern Airlines, Swissport office. Interfaces import-export standard T1 (NTSC). EU standard. European network to handle all kinds of declarations transport import-export. When the application of this system is adopted in the whole of the European Union’s written statement to be replaced by electronics.  Monitoring goods “hi-value” in real time on 550 vehicles. The customer has to confirm where your package located by GPS position every 3 minutes. Additionally, this information is transmitted to control centers with 24h monitoring across Europe, in the event of a problem, a private security vehicle is sent. Furthermore, e-TMS© by AndSoft calculated every 5 minutes if the package is late or advance over schedule, the traffic managers of Wallenborn Control Tower receive an immediate notice thereby increasing the quality of service required by customers.


Portal Advanced Track & Trace: Entering orders via Internet, electronic invoicing, CMR scanning, generating reports, cubes and custom KPIs airlines and end customers Wallenborn Group, EDI interfaces AWB, BL, shipments, invoices, and Total course GPS monitoring the distance traveled by each package. Full transparency throughout the supply chain

Wallenborn: Cover the entire logistics chain in air transport 

Wallenborn has over 550 vehicles with an average age of less than 3 years. It aims to be the only logistics provider actual pan-European air cargo distribution, including transportation and handling. The company has distribution centers in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Frankfurt and Paris. Its main clients are international promoters, airlines, logistics providers and general industrial companies. Through the integration of AndSoft, Wallenborn has expanded its product offering to cover the entire supply chain of aircraft landing, to final delivery. This includes, where applicable, the hub handling, transportation to your destination, documentation and physical handling at destination, delivery to the consignee and vice versa for export transport chain. Wallenborn Group provides distribution services from major airport hubs such as AMS, BCN, BRU, CDG, CPH, FCO, FRA, LHR, MAD, MUC, MXP, VIE and ZRH about 100 airports, as well as handling full in more than 80 European airports. Wallenborn specialized equipment used to coordinate ground transportation and handling, Cargo-IMP messaging, communication and customer service. Wallenborn has created two Distribution Centers (DSC) in Amsterdam and Frankfurt where operators perform:

  • Simplification and harmonization of logistics, ground handling and for 25 countries.
  • Administrative accuracy and transparency throughout her network from Reporting to billing.
  • Clear management structure around the product: DSCs and Bookkeeping in these hubs are day to day operations and ensure product integrity.
  • Customer Service: a comprehensive approach.
  • Continued development.
  •  Quality and transparency.

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