Success stories of the implementation of artificial intelligence in #logistics, #transportation, #supplychain

Barcelona, October 23, 2020.- The present of transport and logistics companies, within any supply chain, is technology to gain competitiveness, efficiency and security. We need to control all sources of information, all types of data, in any format. And then, interpret the large volume of figures and data to extract business decisions, day by day. Here is an Information Age report on different success stories in the implementation of artifical intelligence in supply chain companies:

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Future Transport Fuels and Decarbonisation

Barcelona, September 18, 2018.- The sources of energy / combustion that drives the truck engine in the transport of goods are the most sensitive variable. Diesel is the king fuel, but there are other sources that can be interesting for very specific routes and specific merchandise. Below we summarize a report of the European Union on all fuels and the tendency to avoid the most polluting.

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