Future Transport Fuels and Decarbonisation

Barcelona, September 18, 2018.- The sources of energy / combustion that drives the truck engine in the transport of goods are the most sensitive variable. Diesel is the king fuel, but there are other sources that can be interesting for very specific routes and specific merchandise. Below we summarize a report of the European Union on all fuels and the tendency to avoid the most polluting.

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Silicon Valley turns logistics industry as a new disruptive

USA, May 24, 2017.- Fortune magazine has published an interesting analysis on logistics, software and Silicon Valley. Forward new conceptions, new technological trends to take into account in the coming months, not years. Software innovations have a new measure of time: months. If you get lost, the train is gone. We invite you to read the reflection of Fortune:

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ANDSOFT innova web social para empresarios de transporte y logística

Barcelona, 25 de abril del 2012.- AndSoft,empresa de ámbito europeo, experta en software full web y colaborativo para empresas de transporte, logística, soluciones in Company y computación en la nube, ha innovado una website corporativa destinada a las necesidades de los empresarios transportistas y operadores logísticos. Las principales novedades son las siguientes:

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