Uncertainties in the #SupplyChain industry are less with trend analysis

Germany, February 21, 2017. The best way to deal with the uncertainties of an economic year is to read the reports and analysis of sector trends. This is what All Things Supply Chain has done that has published its particular vision on Supply Chain and Logistics Trends in 2017:

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#Logistics 4.0: The transportation and logistics TMS speeds up any #digital transformation process

Barcelona, February 9, 2017 –  The transport and logistics operators are currently starting to manage the changes required to introduce digital transformation inside their daily processes, a phenomenon similar to the electrification of economy. Digitalization is a general-purpose technology that helps enhancing competitiveness and reducing costs in any industry.   In the transportation and logistics sector, this transformation is known as “Logistics 4.0”, namely Big Data, Analytics, implementation of the Internet in more and more devices of the chain (IoT), Open Data, real-time connectivity (5G Mobile networks, Urban Wi-Fi, home and industrial fiber, new Bluetooth standard), Augmented reality, Drones, Virtual reality, etc. 

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