Víctor Vilas at Aeutransmer: “The TMS solution for transport management allows the integration of any technology”

Madrid. October 30th, 2017 –  AndSoft, developer of the technological platform e-TMS for the management of transportation and logistics companies, participated yesterday in a round table on “Experience and Platforms with TMS Software, organized by Aeutrasmer (Spanish Freight Transport User Association) on the occasion of its General Assembly. Representatives of Generix, Oracle, and SAP corporations, as well as partners of the mentioned employer’s organization that had implemented software for transport companies’ management, participated in the discussion. Víctor Vilas, Business Development Manager Europe for AndSoft, highlighted the following conclusions:

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Gartner: Rankings of the 2017 #SupplyChain Top 25

USA, September 15, 2017.- The technology industry has one of Gartner’s main sources of serious and rigorous information. Today we bring here his famous Top 25 Supply Chain Ranking and the technological innovations that will be confirmed in the coming months.

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#Logistics 4.0: The transportation and logistics TMS speeds up any #digital transformation process

Barcelona, February 9, 2017 –  The transport and logistics operators are currently starting to manage the changes required to introduce digital transformation inside their daily processes, a phenomenon similar to the electrification of economy. Digitalization is a general-purpose technology that helps enhancing competitiveness and reducing costs in any industry.   In the transportation and logistics sector, this transformation is known as “Logistics 4.0”, namely Big Data, Analytics, implementation of the Internet in more and more devices of the chain (IoT), Open Data, real-time connectivity (5G Mobile networks, Urban Wi-Fi, home and industrial fiber, new Bluetooth standard), Augmented reality, Drones, Virtual reality, etc. 

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Gartner helps to understand the benefits of TMS solutions

Barcelona, 6 May 2015.-  The prestigious technology research firm juncture, Gartner has published a recent analysis of the TMS market. The following is his definition of TMS, main features, benefits and returns to a carrier or a logistics operator. We recommend a thorough reading of this report, whose precise reading of facilitating a series of contact. We would like your assessment and review, if fully agrees with the view of Gartner or the market, company by company, draw another picture. We invite you to give us your opinion at the end of the article in this blog, or our twitter:@softlogistico. Thank you.

AndSoft en #SIL2013 SIL Barcelona

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