AndSoft, TMS / ERP manufacturers for #transport and #logistics, will have a stand at the #SIL2017 for its tenth consecutive year with a special emplacement

Toulouse, the 12 th of May 2017 – AndSoft, Company that develops the technological platform e-TMS for the management of transport and logistics companies, will have a stand at the A129 emplacement near the new main access of the SIL 2017 (Avenida Reina María Cristina). This will be the tenth consecutive participation for AndSoft at the “Salón Internacional de la Logística y la Manutención de Barcelona” (International Logistics and Manutention fair of Barcelona).

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What is the Exact Difference between 3PL and 4PL?

Do you know how to differentiate between Logistics Operator 3PL and 4PL?

Barcelona, 8 July 2016.- The discussion groups of Linkedin are often, sometimes, quality information sources, useful to the professionals of the transport and logistics. For example, find the differences between 3PL and 4PL. The result were these contributions:

Arya Banerjee, M.Sc., M.B.A., CCLP The 3 PL service providers scope of work is limited to the extent of physical distribution of products but in the case of 4 PL it extends beyond and is also involved with the parent company to engage in calculating the ROCE, development of new products and markets .

Siddhartha Panapakam Thank You Arya Sir for the thoughtful insight. So is it right to say that 3PL is just a logistics provider where as 4PL is logistics outsourcer, may be consisting of 3PL’s as its branches to be outsourced?

Yves D. Gagnon 3PL works as freight motion specialist vendor for shippers 
4PL works as shipper freight management partner for all their entire freight 

Georg Mahn 3 PL is a service provider who is neither seller nor buyer and Moves / stores the material. 4PL is s.o. (neither seller nor buyer) who manages 3PLs for example.

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Welcome to the era zettabyte thanks to the internet of things

Barcelona, 21 september, 2015.-  Cisco has released a professional report on the evolution of big data in the coming years. We publish below forecasts for IT Managers.

Cisco Era Zettabyte

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AndSoft will present its new application dedicated to shipping companies during the SITL 2015

Madrid, 30 march, 2015 – For the fourth year in a row, AndSoft will participate in the SITL that will take place from March 31st to April 2nd in Paris Porte de Versailles and will present its new application destined to shipping companies.

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Keys to implement an ERP with technological trends

Paris, 16 mar, 2015.- The prestigious Inbound Logistics magazine recently published a report on the keys to consider to implement an ERP (Transportation and Logistics). We would like your opinión:

1. Understand your current system’s shortcomings. Analyze why you need to change the current system. Is the software outdated? Does it lack the features you require to enhance on-time performance and throughput? Define the shortcomings in relation to your business practices to create a wishlist for the new system.

2. Start in the boardroom. Secure executive-level sponsorship to mitigate risk and ensure your goals for the new ERP system align with larger corporate goals. This applies to the initial key performance indicators, and the corresponding mapped plan for improving the manufacturing process—from the inbound processing of supplies to inventory management and the movement of goods through the internal system and on to the customer.

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Road freight transport: 80% in Europe

Paris, 17 Feb, 2015.- The statistics of the European Union are strong. In the last decade, a shift towards road freight transport has
been recorded, especially in newer EU Member States. The highest
in reases in the share of road freight transport were observed in
Estonia (23 percentage points), Poland (19), Slovakia (19),
Slovenia (12) and Bulgaria (12). In contrast, 11 EU Member
States presented a shift towards more environmentally friendly
transport modes, most notably Belgium and Austria. In 2012,
road transport made up over half of freight transport in all EU
Member States, except for Latvia, where railway transport
accounted for the largest share (64%). High shares of rail transport
were also recorded in Estonia (47%), Austria (41%), Sweden (40%)
and Lithuania (38%). Considerable shares of inland waterways
were recorded in the Netherlands (39%), Belgium (24%) and
Romania (23%).

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