Transportation Software TMS AndSoft: “We collaborate with the best providers in cargo exchanges, on-board computing, route optimizer, cartography and eCMR”

Barcelona, ​​September 29, 2022.- AndSoft, a European company expert in the manufacture of TMS software for transport and logistics companies, actively collaborates with the leading brands in freight exchanges, on-board computing, route optimization, cartography, and eCMR. These technological partnerships, with European agreements, are the best solution for any need or requirement of any transport and logistics company. You have to remember the main functionalities of eTMS AndSoft:

• Transportation Management.

• Tools for the Exchange of data between all the actors of each supply chain.

• Dock Management. (Monitoring the traceability of each order).

• APPs for Drivers.

• Portals for Clients.

• Maritime.

• Fleet.

This digital transformation enables new, more efficient and competitive ways of working in the supply chain. This change in the processes of the transport/logistics company is necessary. Especially in the choice of tasks that are automated.

More Information eTMS AndSoft:



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