Recommendations for digital business transformation

Madrid, September 8, 2015.-  The digital transformation is a daily task for most companies.The transport sector and logistics has also made significant investments to bring its processes to the cloud, offer maximum tracking of orders and interested in IT solutions. For these reasons, the following report Enterprise Innovation Portal is very useful to explain the seven strategies driving the digital transformation.

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A recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) analytics services survey found that companies bringing new digital skills to the enterprise experience more success than those that aren’t.Key to this success is a CIO with strong leadership skills and a passion for all things digital. These seven strategies are being used by CIOs at companies HBR labels “Digital Leaders” — organizations with both strong leadership and management — and can be the difference between your company leading the transformation or becoming a “Digital Laggard.”

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  • First, be the trust builder. CIOs at Digital Leader companies have close working relationships with other company leaders to understand and mitigate the limitations of their digital knowledge as IT spending and budget ownership shifts to business areas.
  • Second, support business-led IT as 74% of CIOs in Digital Leaders do. Increasingly, non-IT business leaders are funding, contracting and/or developing technology capabilities. This doesn’t mean CIOs are ceding control. Rather, they’re sharing it.
  • Third, go the extra mile to foster digital learning. Raising the digital skills bar is important to CIOs at Digital Leaders, where 60% report having CIOs who are educating and empowering line of business leaders in digital knowledge. Additionally, 70% report having IT departments that provide useful knowledge to employees about technology.
  • Fourth be the guide to which the enterprise turns. Business leaders want their CIOs to better understand digital trends. At Digital Leaders, CIOs are more likely to guide them, with 45% evangelizing what’s possible, coaching and guiding all things digital.
  • Fifth, speak your audience’s language. IT jargon can be a  barrier to digital learning and 67% of IT departments at Digital Leaders understand what is relevant to each business area and how to speak to their business peers about business activities and outcomes in business language, not IT’s.
  • Sixth, tell the enterprise what’s possible. CIOs at Digital Leaders are more likely to understand the strategic possibilities in new digital trends. They help business colleagues understand which digital knowledge and skills need to reside in their function, and which they can leave to IT.
  • And seventh, engage external experts to stay current. Innovative new technologies emerge everyday and CIOs at Digital Leaders are more likely to engage with outside experts to address specific trends for different parts of the business.

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