Analysis: What trends will be met in the transport of goods during 2018?

Barcelona, ​​January 16, 2017.- At the beginning of a new financial year, uncertainties with predictive studies, sectoral analysis, and advanced planning of the present and future are usually overcome. The transport of goods is very sensitive to all external and internal conditions that affect the supply chain.

The TMS providers of transport also have a vision of the economic exercise. On this occasion, we have consulted the predictions of transport TMS companies to draw a more global and inclusive vision of 2018. We would like to know your opinion on the following projections. Do you agree with the implementations in the cloud, the arrival of big data, or other analysis that is explained below?:

  • Companies are transforming their supply chains with digital technologies that will change the ecosystem of the business, eliminating silos, unlocking performance enhancements and boosting productivity. Digital apps can improve service, cost, inventory levels and processes to drive operational excellence.


  • Cloud-based solutions will continue to grow in acceptance as small-to-medium sized businesses begin to deploy systems quickly and for a lower cost to improve supply chain operations.



  • In 2018, modular solutions that offers the ability to select a specific function such as inbound management, vendor compliance, or filling a fleet’s backhaul will grow in popularity. A modular solution that integrates into existing infrastructure offers minimal risk and rapid ROI.


  • Supply chain transparency will become forefront of supply chain agendas in 2018 to help businesses be better prepared to mitigate disruptions in the supply chain caused by vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters, suppliers, customers and other risks.


  • Customer demand for Amazon-like services in both business and consumer markets will continue to grow requiring visibility up and down the supply chain so that customers will know where their orders are at all times.


  • Supply chains will become smarter as more businesses will harness the power of big data to grow more responsive than reactive. Technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence will be integrated into supply chain apps to further enhance decision making that leads to profitable outcomes.


  • Bigger focus on Last Mile Delivery operations with digital matching of assets (both people and vehicles) will speed delivery times. Shippers want to focus on lowering the cost of this operation while improving service levels.

Hanjin Port Terminal

From AndSoft we are convinced that the digital transformation for the companies of transpote and logistics is an imperative. Competitiveness, productivity and profitability in the supply chain are centered on the ability to adapt transport and logistics processes to the new digital reality, logistics 4.0

And these theoretical concepts have their particular adaptation in each company. You can read articles, like this one, attend conferences, specialized conferences, all this is necessary. However, the best way is the participation of expert software professionals with proven track records and skills on the latest technological innovations. The goods are willing to leave the warehouse.




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