AndSoft integrates TransFollow’s electronic CMR with e-TMS to streamline the management of transport and logistics companies

Madrid, November 15th 2018.- AndSoft, an European company expert in software development for the transport and logistics sector,and TransFollow, European standard for the e-CMR platform,have signed a cooperation agreement for the pioneer implementation of e-CMR in a Transport and Logistics TMS. 

Víctor Vilas, Business Development Manager for AndSoft, explained the advantages of this new integration:“Electronic CMR (e-CMR) has proved to save costs and time, while providing greater security and traceability, both for the carrier and for the shipper. AndSoft provides digital reading (QR codes) of the signatures of both the carrier and the cargo’s consignee. This will soon be carried out through the APP by AndSoft. Transfollow is the most advanced and reliable standard in the market. The solution will be ready for our clients to use in the next few weeks”.

On his part, Moritz Rössler, International Sales & Integration Consultant for TransFollow, highlighted: “AndSoft is the most interesting technological partner to join our system so far. Not only from the perspective of the innovative TMS design for their clients, which is flexible and scalable, but also for its consolidated international dimension. The agreement is the result of several months of work by our technical teams and will become a significant milestone for the industry”.

TransFollow digitizes traditional Consignment Notes and CMRs, providing visibility to all the participants in the chain (shipper, carrier, and consignee) on a single integrated platform. TransFollow’s implementation allows for significant savings in administrative management while preventing disputes due to errors, lack of data, or discrepancies. In this way, the traceability of any process or incident is ensured. The design itself of the signature processes make it impossible for the signature to be manipulated and allow it to be used as trusted third party in the transport processes. The most significant added value is the integration with the management systems (TMS) of the transport and logistics companies. 

More information:  AndSoft 

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