AndSoft will present, during the Paris SITL, an improved software for European sustainable transport and our contribution to the digital transformation of the sector

Barcelona, 6st of September 2021.-  AndSoft, is a European company that develops software for transport and logistics, that will be presenting, at the E65 stand at the SITL in Paris (13th -15th of September), the latest developments that are in accordance with the specific solutions for the decarbonization of the transportation world and its digital transformation. These two goals are the main strategies of the European Community regarding Funds for the Post COVID Recovery 

AndSoft will present its 2020-2021 innovations, that will center around four basic points:

  • Improvement for empty trips routes
  • Planification of routes with emphasis on economizing costs and lessening environmental impact. In adequacy with the European market in general and especially the French market. This module calculates CO2 emissions and is a data tool that enables to prepare reports in accordance with Corporate social responsibility and the ecofriendly transport system Objectif CO2. It also considers the type of fuel used by the truck.
  • Combining IoT and e-TMS:
    •  Via geolocation, analyze and alarms for geofencing and not planned truck and trailer splitting. Differentiation of number of kilometers between trucks and trailers, GPS for tracking, communication devices for the driver, etc.
    • Automating tools and security for the trailer: Integration to block the doors of the truck so they will only open when the truck has reached the geocoordinates of the delivery point. AndSoft’s e-TMS also gives other notifications such as the arrival of the truck to destination without the driver having to inform this.

Anti-Covid restrictions

The SITL París has established the following measures for the exhibitors:

  • Covid Passport for organizers and visitors. 
  • Restrictions regarding food
  • Avoiding distributing catalogues or commercial material to visitors.
  • Signaling to establish separate entry and exit points at the stand. 

AndSoft considers all the protocols, and to comply to them has redesigned its stand with bigger spaces and has removed all eating areas. Hydroalcoholic gel will also be available in different areas of the stand. 

Next stand at the Madrid Logistics Fair

AndSoft is also organizing, another edition, a stand at the professional Logistics Fair in Ifema, Madrid, on the 24th and 25th of November. AndSoft will introduce the evolutions of its e-TMS technological platform for transport companies and logistics. The European software editor will also give a preview of technological tendencies for road transport 2022 for transportation companies. More information at and social media.

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