Transport Software TMS AndSoft: “We are the first to incorporate european trends in management software for transport companies”

Barcelona, ​​September 27, 2022.- AndSoft, a leading company in manufacturing TMS software for transport companies, has maintained its platform in pure web technology for 25 years. And its European clients allow it to quickly assimilate all the trends in management software for transport companies. AndSoft thus confirms its differential values, highly appreciated by IT departments:

Innovation: AndSoft was the first TMS provider built on web technology starting in 1998.

International: The AndSoft technology platform in 5 languages ​​simultaneously. In addition, AndSoft incorporates the TMS transport software trends in any European country efficiently to all its clients.

Open Software: AndSoft customers can customize the AndSoft eTMS with those adjustments they need on a daily basis (a new statistic, a new screen, etc.). The code of eTMS AndSoft for transport companies is open to its clients.

The eTMS AndSoft platform is implemented in 300 transport companies, logistics operators and shippers. 25,000 app users, in 18 European countries.

More information eTMS AndSoft:




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