Amazon Dash: A world without supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores?

Paris , April 22, 2014 – . There are plenty of technological companies that regularly innovate in our market niches. And there is a counted number of companies that are leading the way to other industrial sectors. One of these brands is undoubtedly Amazon. We focus here on its last “Dare “: Amazon Dash.  A remote control to food shortages that you are consuming and you refilled at home in less than 24 hours . Even piloted in some regions of the United States and Germany. Enrique Dans, one of the most prestigious technological experts in Spain, has just published the following analysis:

“The product is only available by the time the invitation and for clients of Amazon Fresh , which costs about three hundred dollars a year and only serves limited few cities areas , but it is a clear sign of a philosophy : I let them to client easy as possible. Very few competitors would count with technology infrastructure , operations and logistics to launch something which would work to the Amazon and that offered this level of convenience. It is very difficult to analyze such an offer , and to do that we have to make too many assumptions yet , but for a customer who chooses to pay three hundred euros a year (including the shipping costs ) and live in the areas in which the service operates I imagine I can leave customers spending almost completely except for their usual supermarket needing an unplanned purchase and relative urgency . A philosophy , to simplify everything to the limit, which has proven successful in many cases , and you can certainly test the waist of many competitors. As Wired says , does not always make sense to create a dedicated device such a specific and concrete function … except when it does. Make the purchase through this device can be so extremely easy , it becomes almost peligroso. No, we’re not talking about the end of the world or something to go see everywhere tomorrow. No let rooftops, or shout ” disruption ” in full voice : countless similar services have been omitted after initial testing all sorts of problems . Amazon Dash, by far, is the only proof of a certain philosophy. But given the right conditions, is a philosophy that should make many cast them to tremble”.

Amazon get revolutionize the distribution of fresh products at home?. What impact would have to superstores, supermarkets, convenience stores?. What impact would it have on the urban distribution in large cities? . Can Amazon compete with Walmart, Carrefour, Lidl and Mercadona?.

Make life, personal and professional, easier is a big challenge. Perhaps, therefore, the announcement of Amazon Dash is presented by a child.

Julio Borrell, AndSoft Manager , has clarified some variables for the success of the new business line of Amazon:

  • Consider that fresh products are not equal across the planet .
  • No global brands. Not the same ordered from Amazon a kindle or a global product, fresh product .
  • Fresh products are subject to very specific international flows. 
  • White markings are a higher percentage of each shopping day.
  • There are many more legal restrictions on food commodities .
  • The refrigerated transport is subjected to a large requirements to maintain the cold chain .

In any case, the transport of goods, not only fresh food, live a great transformation in the next decade with the client ‘s informed history with their purchasing power through the mobile phone, with the demand for immediate delivery , greener and more efficient vehicles, new management of returns . And for this horizon, closer than we think, no logistics operators who are ready or are doing their homework. Specifically, a client AndSoft, great food logistics operator in Spain, is now ready to innovative services like Amazon Dash.

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