The real benefits of a TMS specializes in transport and logistics

Paris, July 02, 2014.- Software for the transport of goods enables significant cost reductions in operations. For example, fuel consumption can be reduced between 15% -25%, by optimizing routes. This was highlighted the following analysis operator Movistar in Latin America:

“Fleet Management solutions are telematics based services that allow companies to track their vehicles in real time, manage logistics processes and improve driving behaviour. The Latin American market is evolving from security-focused telematics to optimization-focused telematics. Fleet Management is crucial to reduce fleet operational costs and improve company revenue thanks to productivity improvement. How is this possible? In the case of cost reduction through fuel reduction, fewer accidents, minimizing idling time, among others. Managers have more information about how their drivers are using vehicles, so abuses and misuses are eradicated and that deeply impacts operational costs. Only in fuel reduction, companies average 15-25% savings. How can we achieve an impact on revenue? Thanks to Fleet Management, customers can optimize vehicle routes and reach more customers with the same vehicles increasing as a side effect customer satisfaction. Fleet drivers are less prone to overusing their vehicles when managed so productivity soars as well. Worldwide, business customers are demanding different solutions based on industry use cases (i.e. field force, road transport, passenger transport, etc.). In Latam the typical market entry-point is stolen vehicle recovery service (SVR), from where customers evolve to Fleet Management solutions aiming to move from an asset protection tool to a business solution. The Fleet Management Market is growing strongly – not only in the Latam market, also in Europe and the US – but due to the Latam market still being very young the growth rate remains stronger than the rest. In fact, we expect the Latam market to remain as healthy as it currently is. Our 2013-2016 forecast foresees steady 30% annual growth rates for the Latam market. SVR for companies plus fleet management reported € 292 million in 2013. The forecasted business figure for 2016 is € 629 million.If we breakdown the Latam market country by country, each market behaves in an independent way. Chile, for example, is the most mature market focused on Fleet Management in road transportation and mining industry. On the vehicle parc side, the market in Latam has shifted from mainly being services for heavy vehicles (Middle or Heavy Vehicles or MHV) to a more diverse situation. Nowadays this has changed and affects all sorts of fleets including smaller size trucks (Light Commercial Vehicles or LCV) and passenger vehicles. The way of marketing these services has shifted from feature based to a second mature stage with consultative processes where return on investment (ROI) is the priority considering customers industry and their specific use cases . The selling points are how Fleet Management can positively impact their specific needs and challenges. Finally, an important trend detected in the Latam market is the current shift from a fragmented market (with up to 100 companies in some countries fighting for a market share) to a concentrated one as an effect of the increasing maturity in the Latam market”.

e-TMS by AndSoft can be integrated with the following optional modules


This functionality offers the possibility to add to AndSoft’s e-TMS a very efficient cost management tool. Indeed, this module proposes different routes for a same destination and automatically calculates the costs associated to each route: toll, tunnel and ferry fees. The load and void kilometers are also managed (trailer and truck), as are the costs (automatic pricing of subcontractors) in order to view margins. CO2 emissions are also displayed and the Ecotax for HGV’s is also taken into account. This tool ensures the control of fuel consumption, increases profitability and therefor reinforces competitiveness.


The module manages:

  • Mapping : integration of maps with functionalities thought to be used by the operators
  • Routes

– Calculation in real-time of:

– Estimate of KM depending of requirements of HGV’s.

– Ecotax.

Toll, tunnel and ferry fees.

  • Emissions:

– Of  CO2 per vehicle.
– Of  CO2 per order, per client.
– Different choices of routes in real-time and the costs associated to each one of them:

  • Geocoding of all loading and delivery addresses
  • Traffic in real-time: integration of the latest updates on traffic in order to avoid traffic jams or to offer a potential better route


The information includes the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the upstream stages (generation of energy needed to operate the means of transport) and operation (combustion of the energy source).The transmission of this information can be made with a real support or dematerialized: quote, invoice, email, SMS, e-mail link to a computer program, etc.


This innovation has been developed to meet a growing need: tracing in real-time the transport of high value goods. This solution allows loaders to control the flow of goods with high added value according to the requirements of their clients. For each route, several sensitive areas are defined that the goods must not leave. If the goods, provided with a GPS transmitter, leave the defined area, alerts are triggered automatically. Geofencing by AndSoft was developed in our TMS, e-TMS by AndSoft and is the first TMS full Web with this technology. The operator is informed in real time of the various crossings of the goods and may therefore have a pro-active management towards his client.


This optional module of our transportation management software e-TMS © by AndSoft can submit offers for transport in freight exchanges.
It was founded on the logic of a freight exchange operational type, which facilitates the management of all data.
It includes regulations and control of all the constraints necessary for the proper organization of assignments and executions.

  • Possibility for shippers to introduce loads and exit price.
  • Possibility of carriers to make offers and cons-offers loads published.
  • Acceptance or rejection of both parties.
  • Global Risk Control with guaranteed payment.
  • Automatic generation of sales invoices / purchase parts and commissions for the agency.


This module is a real tool for the planning organization and management appointments docks.It takes into account the business constraints suppliers, carriers, customers, load types, types of products and other business priorities such as the promotion spot.Your team, as well as carriers and suppliers will benefit from real-time visibility of the status of appointment through their respective web portal.Saves time for everyone and productivity increases


This option provides a complete view of the tasks such as order fulfillment, procurement, storage and transport.It can:

  • Streamlining the entire cycle of order processing (input to billing).
  • Optimize production management.
  • Optimize transportation.
  • Optimize warehouse management.

Visibility, monitoring and performance management contributes to improving logistics efficiency by providing our customers and partners a unique view of shipments, inventory, status of cross compliance and performance delivery.

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