Competitiveness: Efficient model horizontal technological collaboration of a integral logistics operator

Paris, June 12, 2014 -. Hector Benito, Head IT Carreras Logistics Group, explains his model horizontal technological collaboration to increase productivity “Expresspalet”, pallet their division. During the past five years, Carreras Logistics Group has maintained a partnership with different logistics solutions AndSoft.

Carreras incorporates advanced technologies in all links of the supply chain.

For decades we have developed a lot of specific technological tools for our clients, allowing us to efficiently manage our stock centers, the durability of products and reverse logistics. Also help us to manage the distribution, integration with delivery points or consignees, delivery conditions, resources and productivity, EDI module, and automated warehouses (silos). We use radio frequency technology, RFID, business intelligence and process optimizers, among others, pda-gestion-traficoReal Time Monitoring

Our integration between WMS module and the module-based traffic management in the use of terminals (PDA) – allows real-time monitoring fleet activities and orders and optimize resources. The real-time telemetry and semi tractors to control all operational resources: position, status, availability, temperature, consumption, theft, tachograph, etc. whereas mobility devices for drivers (tablets) provide document management, incidents , refueling, overhead and work plans related to a browser. Our own developments, traffic management module and management module Comet SGL logistics allow us to adapt flexibly to the requirements of our customers and ensure real-time management information systems.

Fourth Generation Operator. As a fourth-generation operator, Racing Logistics Group provides management modules related to logistics activities, such as DRP, MRP, scorecards and others. These modules have allowed us to increase the quality of customer information, increased integration between information systems and ours and reduce costs and errors together. We have also developed specific technology for the production plants of our customers.


Carreras Logistics Group

Our company was founded in 1933, when the Carreras family purchased their first truck, a second-hand Beldford with capacity for 3 tons. Soon the company began its expansion and from its headquarters in Zaragoza started opening offices in major Spanish cities, forming a dense national and international network. In 1989, in direct response to the demands of customers who needed a comprehensive logistical solution, Carreras launched a division specializing in warehousing and distribution. Its growth is spectacular, currently covering the whole Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands with 30 warehouses. Today, as a fourth-party logistics operators, we cover the full spectrum of supply chain activities, to the point of managing the warehouses of some of our customers. Six years ago, we successfully launched a new business unit in line with market trends: ExpressPallet, specialized in express transport of palletized goods – from 1-33 pallets.

It has been more than 80 years since our founding. 80 years of history, experience and service, and we can not help but be proud of the long journey. Something that would have been impossible without the permanent trust of our customers to whom we express our deepest gratitude in the only way we know, providing the best service in the most efficient way and at the most competitive cost.

The result of the growing demand for transport services palletized goods, created in 2007 specific business area to solve this segment, called ExpressPallet. Racing has developed an infrastructure that allows us to collect / deliver pallets of goods at any point to any point of the Iberian Peninsula in terms of 24 and 48 hours.

For this we have a network of capillary distribution platforms and a fleet of vehicles that run 24 hours a day to provide optimum service.
Paletería Service in temperature (Expresspallet) and controlled (12 º – 18 º) (Expresspallet Cool).System Development and Integration customer-specific development.Look up information online.Real time tracking of all our processes.Document management: operational with original customer invoices.

Carreras Logistics Group, founded in 1933, is one of the leading European benchmark logistics.

It now offers all the services of the sector: national and international transport, multimodal, storage, distribution, handling, co-packing, pallet management, and logistics consulting.
Template and turnover. Backed by our own resources both material and human, Carreras employs 1.361 employees and obtained a turnover of 185 million euros in 2013. Carreras Logistics Group has a strong commercial and operational structure that covers both Spain and Europe (with subsidiaries in Italy and Portugal) and allows us to manage the entire logistics chain. Its international presence is complemented by an extensive network of European partners and activity both rail and maritime intermodal.

Logistics network

In order to offer a complete service and consolidation services, logistics and distribution, Carreras relies on a network of 283,000 m2 equipped stores with the latest technologies for telecommunications and warehouse management through RF. Provides alternative distribution in controlled temperature and 24/48 hours and the maximum guarantee in the supply chain. In recent years we have specialized in the overall management of the supply chain, being able to efficiently manage customers requiring tight flows, reverse logistics and dedicated warehouse management.

Carreras mantain a policy of continuous innovation to provide its customers an excellent service with value added to it the most advanced features of information systems that allow complete traceability of shipments by customers as well as the electronic exchange – computing across multiple standards and protocols depending on customer requirements (EDI, AS2.). You can, for example, monitor a digitized image of all deliveries through our website for any questions or printing.

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Carreras Logistics Group

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