Víctor Vilas at Aeutransmer: “The TMS solution for transport management allows the integration of any technology”

Madrid. October 30th, 2017 –  AndSoft, developer of the technological platform e-TMS for the management of transportation and logistics companies, participated yesterday in a round table on “Experience and Platforms with TMS Software, organized by Aeutrasmer (Spanish Freight Transport User Association) on the occasion of its General Assembly. Representatives of Generix, Oracle, and SAP corporations, as well as partners of the mentioned employer’s organization that had implemented software for transport companies’ management, participated in the discussion. Víctor Vilas, Business Development Manager Europe for AndSoft, highlighted the following conclusions:

Víctor Vilas, Business Development Manager Europe for AndSoft
  • Today, collaboration with all the IT companies in the supply chain is key: it makes integration easier and brings earlier returns. A collaboration among companies in the following fields: on-board data processing, freight exchanges, cartography, route optimizer, ERP, mobile communication, etc.
  • TMS for transportation and logistics must be web based. This is the most efficient solution to meet the current requirements of any carrier.
  • Downstream, the supply chain still has some actors that need to update their “technological dialog” in order to become an active part in any kind of data circulation.
  • The best path to reach an understanding, both internally and externally, would be for the shipper to make its technological requirements more flexible in terms of the daily work and the new reality a TMS can provide.
  • Generically speaking, there are companies that buy a TMS to control their supply chain, while others do so to manage the information in the supply chain and gain visibility. This is the latest trend spreading in collaborative technological platforms, even though no carrier is identical to one another.


Strategical implementation of a TMS for transport

AndSoft manufactures its own e-TMS technological platform, and conceives new clients as new consultancy projects, very close to the shipper’s core business. In other words, a high percentage of the transport companies’ processes are very similar, namely 75%, the rest being the added value, the company’s differentiator, what indeed brings them clients.

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