Transportation Software TMS AndSoft: “First of all, the transport company has to be ready for digital transformation”

Barcelona, ​​September 30, 2022.- The transport company has to be ready for digital transformation. This is the first requirement to promote changes in processes, automation of tasks, prioritizing the added value of professionals, etc. Technology has evolved and allows numerous functionalities that were unthinkable a few years ago. Some examples:

Geofencing: Alert system when a driver leaves the itinerary set with their scheduled times. It is a security solution.

Slot management: Ordering of the arrival of the trucks to load in the warehouse. Sending a QR code to the driver’s mobile. Efficiency goes up exponentially with this technology.

Chats in eTMS: A successful solution to document communications linked to each order. Especially for transport companies with numerous delegations and professionals. Finding incidents quickly, thanks to this chat, is a very significant advance.

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