Transportation Software e – TMS AndSoft: “We parameterize any need of the transport company according to its differentiating elements”

Barcelona, ​​October 5, 2022.- AndSoft, a leading company in manufacturing TMS software for transport companies, solves the parameterizations that the transport company needs in all the processes within the supply chains of its clients. For example:

• Incompatibility of products in the same truck.

• Format, categories and the size of each load.

• Security protocols, in hardware and in software.

• Default routes and road exceptions at specific locations.

• Configure the APP for the driver’s SmartPhone. (Track APP AndSoft).

The initial design of the parameters of the transport company together with AndSoft is essential for the efficient implementation of e-TMS (Company Tree). The visibility and privileges that each user will have in the e-TMS must also be decided, especially in transport companies with delegations.

More information eTMS AndSoft:




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