Transportation Software TMS AndSoft: “Transport planners have in the TMS their best tool to manage fleets on a daily basis”

Barcelona, ​​October 6, 2022.- AndSoft, a leading company in manufacturing TMS software for transport companies, highlights the importance of performing an optimal initial configuration of the TMS. In this way, transport planners manage all productivity and have a greater capacity to solve any incident.

The traceability of each order in e-TMS AndSoft consists of recording all the information related to the order with its respective driver (loading, unloading, incidents, etc.). This data on the status of the order is held by the transport planner and also by the Customer Portals.

The parameters in the billing model of the transport company are also a very important initial implementation. For example, e-TMS AndSoft facilitates the grouping of invoices and attends to the particular specifications of each client.

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