The biggest European platform for e-commerce policy makers and businesses

Ecommerce Europe is pleased to announce new Chairs for e-Logistics Working Group and the biggest European platform for e-commerce policy makers and businesses

Barcelona, Feb, 2, 2016.- Ecommerce Europe is pleased to announce the new Chairmanship of its e-Logistics working group. The Ecommerce Europe e-Logistics working group – which consists of logistics directors from member companies around Europe – deals with a number of topics related to the international parcel delivery market.

The appointment of César Tello and Walter Trezek to the Chairmanship of the e-Logistics Working Group brings more than three decades of expertise in the international logistics industry to Ecommerce Europe. With this combined know-how, Ecommerce Europe will be able to further develop its Public Affairs expertise with an updated position paper on e-Logistics expected by mid-2016. This position paper will be a manifesto to serve as input for the discussions on both global (Universal Postal Union) and European level.For more information or to get in contact with the Chairs, please contact Ms. Stefanie Ros: César Tello is Deputy Director at the Spain Digital Economy Association, member of Ecommerce Europe, where he leads strategic development for the association 550 member companies. He is also Program Director of one of the most prestogious international conferences on digital innovation, the European Ecommerce Conference. César is involved at the academic level as professor of digital business for several programs in ESIC Business School. His previous professional experience ranges from financial advisory to media & entertainment. He holds a BA Degree on Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington, graduated with distinction from the Foster School of Business Honors Program, and a MBA from IE Business School.

Walter Trezek is an independent consultant in the communication logistics industry. He literally grew up in the industry, and works for the industry for more than 30 years. After gaining his Master‘s in law from the University of Vienna in the 1990s, Walter joined, the Silicon Valley internet start-up and inventor of the digital stamp. In 2000 Walter was invited to become Head of Technology at Austria Post where he took over the address management and direct marketing divisions, and contributed to the restructuring of the organization. In 2004 he left to set up his independent postal consultancy, Document Exchange Network GmbH. As well as his work as a consultant, Walter is also actively involved in determining the standards upon which the global communication logistics industry is based, through his work as Chairman of the Austrian Standards Committee on “Office administration and postal services, and their related electronic data interchange in business and administration”, Chairman and Secretary of the European Committee on Standardisation TC331 / Working Group 2 on “New digital postal services”, Liaison Officer to the UPU and ETSI under mandates of the European Commission, and as Member of the Consultative Committee of the Universal Postal Union.In 2013 he was appointed “Presidential Advisor” by Austrian Standards and in 2015 appointed to become a member of the “Digital Transport and Logistics Forum” of the European Commission DG MOVE.

Free insight into current and future European B2C e-commerce trends

European B2C e-commerce sales will increase by 12.5% and amount to € 477bn in 2015. With this, Europe will increase its lead on third-ranked North America,” is Ecommerce Europe’s forecast for 2015 according to Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Member of the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe. He stated this based on the European B2C e-commerce report 2014 which was released last week.

The European B2C e-commerce sector had another successful year in 2014. Even though the growth rate of the e-commerce turnover decreased somewhat, it still achieved double digits. In total, European B2C e-commerce sales increased by more than 14%, reaching € 423.8bn. The 28 member states of the European Union together experienced a similar growth, resulting in a EU28 B2C e-commerce turnover of € 368.7bn.

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How to prepare Europe for the future of e-commerce?

Every year Ecommerce Europe hosts the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference in Barcelona, prior to the Global E-Commerce Summit. This is the annual conference for businesses, European policy makers and other stakeholders eager to learn more about how the e-commerce sector can continue its double-digit growth rate.

With around 350 visitors Ecommerce Europe provides a uniquely large discussion platform for fruitful dialogue on how to create a policy landscape suitable for the future of cross-border e-commerce. During the Ecommerce Europe Annual Conference, businesses have the opportunity to have a direct say in the shaping of rules and regulations that will determine their success or failure in the future. Also, they can share best practices and innovative solutions with their peers and the wider industry. Policy makers on the other hand get concrete input from the daily practice of businesses and will be presented with a sense of where the sector is headed in the future.

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