Transportation Software: “A simple chat within TMS has meant a great improvement in the communication of alerts and incidents of transport companies”

Barcelona, ​​October 7, 2022.- A Messaging Service, chat, within e-TMS AndSoft has been decisive, for example, to communicate alerts to drivers:

“You have to pass the ITV before going to Germany”.

“The ADR transport card is missing”.

• “I have been stopped by the British police because of a missing document”.

“I have gone off the road because a wheel has been punctured.”

“The CAP Permit for this driver has expired”.

We are all used to communicating on multiple messaging apps. For this reason, the e-TMS AndSoft chat is a very useful tool to record the tasks to be carried out and the unforeseen events. And all messages are permanently archived. This is done to facilitate the resolution of conflicts in which it is necessary to discover what happened.

In addition, this Chat is configured to be read only by the protagonists of each event, not by the entire company. Transport is information and chat is its best expression.

More information eTMS AndSoft:




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