Freight transport faces definitive digitalization to respond to the most demanding customer

Barcelona, April 15, 2018.- The data economy is one of the defining characteristics of our current generation. Data, quality information, and analysts to draw conclusions and business decisions. Here, we always bring professional information to help each reader make the best decisions for their companies.

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UE:”Building a European Data Economy”

Brussels, March 9, 2017.- The new oil is the data. This phrase is becoming more and more real. Transport and logistics companies are, every day, more aware of controlling and managing all the information around each order. For this reason, we bring here the latest regulation of the European Union on data economy and three very interested videos with business forums that analyze the competitive advantages of the new black gold: data in a hyperconnected Internet society.

The European Commission adopted a Communication on building a European data economy on 10 January 2017, based on the conclusions of the Communication on data-driven economy (2014).

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