#AndSofttendencies2014: Evolution of the transport and logistics software

Victor Vilas AndSoft

Paris, June 6, 2014.-  Víctor Vilas, Director of Business Development Europe AndSoft, has established todays tendencies of the transports and logistics software: “The SaaS, as in renting instead of buying, the Big Data, the e-Commerce and especially inverse logistics or Control Towers are the elements in tendency now and are the tools that increase productivity and competitiveness. As a rule they are the necessary elements that we all should work with.” In particular:

  1. Suitability of the product to the strict necessities of the company and its size.
  2. Suitability of the supplier to the typology of the Customer Company. It is best to choose the most “suited” than the “best”.
  3. Suitability of the technology offered by the salesman and the needs of the market and its evolution.
  4. Guaranteed evolution, be it of the supplier or the product in the niche of market proper to the client. Specialization in the sector.
  5. Correct relational line. Never force a relationship based on what others mat say. Sensations are fundamental.

AndSoft tendencies 2014 logistics software, tendencies transport software

Víctor Vilas, Director of Business Development Europe adds: “The most important change is that what was fundamental before (management, control, invoicing, and perfections) has no added value today. If it is not perfect it excludes the solution. What is really changing is how the operators interact with the rest of the supply chain. With manufacturers, drivers, clients, recipients, other operators, with other platforms in general. Also the ease with which platforms interact is changing, information in real time, shared data and its cost. These are the elements that today bring competiveness and productivity. If it is a new software upon which the company does not have a specific solution I would remit to the answer to the first question. If it is for a change there needs to be a reason”. The change of the IT supplier has to be based on various reasons. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • lack of understanding with the current supplier.
  • and/or cessation of the activity of the current supplier.
  • and/or lack of technological competitiveness with the current supplier.
  • and/or failure of the current supplier to follow the development plan of the client.
  • and/or doubts about the real possibilities of the supplier.

logistics software transport softwareIf none of the above reasons apply, it is best to grow with the supplier, because he is the one that best knows your needs. If you do experience any of the above reasons, then change would be advised, and from there the process of choice should be standard. But are we ready to take on such a change? Is the staff of the company ready? Should we form a working group to prepare for the change? An affirmative answer to all these questions will no doubt help to make the change successful. To be competitive we need to specialize. A company performant in GPS systems will most probably not have an “optimum” solution for wages, for example. The best of both is needed and especially what the client needs is to work with companies that are already Partners or make sure they get along from day one. In this aspect at AndSoft we are sure of one thing we have to be the best in our products. We also have to be very proactive and transparent in our relations of partnership for the sake of our common client.

andsoft english blog logistics software transport software
Cloud Software

Hereafter AndSoft explains the advantages and threats of using software in Cloud:


  • Availability.
  • Better view of the supply chain.
  • Immediacy, competitive, easy, economical.
  • To resume there are a lot of advantages with web technology.


  • What is more important to people than their money? Even so more and more of us check our bank account threw the net. As a matter of fact since banks have existed we have no longer kept our money physically but entrusted it to these entities. Cloud Software is exactly this.
  • Development leads us to improvements thanks to technology and we make the most of them.



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