Transport and Logistics Operators: The cybersecurity is as necessary as filling the truck tank

Barcelona, ​​April 26, 2018.-  We remember the dentist, when a tooth hurts. And maybe, we remember security on the Internet, when it’s too late. Just as the best improvisation is the one that does not exist, cybersecurity protocols are a great need. The management of routes of a transport company can not be attacked by a virus that could paralyze a fleet of trucks. The billing of a logistics operator can not be stopped by an ambitious hacker either.

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The technological evolution of TMS after 34 years

Luxembourg, 19 september 2014.- TMS Software accumulates 34 years of experience in the supply chain. Today we remember the history of this technology through a very detailed analysis Logistics Management magazine. Bridget McCrea is a Contributing Editor for Logistics Management based in Clearwater, Fla. She has covered the transportation and supply chain space since 1996, and has covered All Aspects of the industry for Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review.I invite you to read this story on the features and benefits of a TMS for his own company:

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AndSoft solcialises its technological platform with “e-TMS Social Network”

First worldwide presentation at the SITL in Paris.

Paris, April 11th 2014. – AndSoft, European company expert in developing software for transport and logistics companies, presented at the SITL (Paris) its latest innovation “e-TMS Social Network”. AndSoft has incorporated the technology used in social networks to its e-TMS and e-FMS management system. The incorporation of the 2.0 technology to the e-TMS by AndSoft makes it the first system in the logistics and transport sector to offer maximum information, details and landmarks occurring amongst its employees, in managements for and by clients. This is a necessary evolution with high technological qualities, bringing to the logistics community a new “Media Network” tool for clients and Partners, thought for the basics of the business. In other words increased control, productivity and competitiveness.

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